Saturday, February 2, 2008

X-ray Panoramic

Below is my X-ray pan of my teeth:

You can see my numerous fillings in my molars. I can't wait to get them replaced after this all is over with white fillings vs. the metal ones. I hate looking at the pictures with all the metal back there. My front teeth are crowns, I had an accident in high school where I broke one of my front teeth and they bonded it. The other tooth was slightly cracked and barely visible. About every 4-5 years after I got the tooth bonded, the bonding would come off and I had to get it re-done, usually at really inconvenient times. You can imagine how I looked missing half of my front tooth! So I finally decided to get a crown a few years ago, and he also did the one that had the slight crack in it. I am really hoping I don't have to get them re-done after all this!! The thought of them sticking the novocane needles up in the roof of my mouth again ... ugh! I felt the darn things in my nose! It was horrible ... I am hoping to avoid that.

Small Airway

Below you will see my digitized lateral ceph. My OS pointed out in my first consultation how small my airway is, one of the smallest he's seen. He said this is something he needs to take into consideration when moving my jaws, the advancement will hopefully help open up my airway.

Fun on the Ortho Site!

OK, so I admit I officially am a dork. I discovered yesterday that all my pictures, cephs, x-rays, and pans are uploaded onto my ortho's web-site (password protected of course so only the patient can view them). Some of the images I have not seen before ... I just cannot believe how far they have come with technology these days. Below is my favorite image ...Probably not something for kids to view ... kind of scary ... I just thought it was so cool that they could make a 3 dimentional digital image of my skull!