Monday, January 5, 2009

4 months post-op

I received my early Christmas present a few days before Christmas ... a call from the dentist's office that there was a cancellation and I could get my teeth cleaned the next day! The gals are always so cheery when I go in there, so it is always a treat to see them as well. Hi Ladies if you're reading! :)

Today I had an ortho appointment with Dr. Lin ... he looked in my mouth and said everything looked excellent. I got a new upper and lower wire, and kept the power chain on the bottom but only have a power chain on the front four teeth on the top. I need to now wear an elastic on the left side of my mouth 24/7, and on the right just at night. The best news of all ... I have a debanding date!! March 4th and I will be brace free! I couldn't believe it ... I still can't. That will mean I will be de-braced just a few days shy of my 6 month mark post surgery.

My teeth are sore tonight from my adjustment, but I don't care ... I have a debanding date!!

In other news, I did have 2 migraines over the holidays, but I must confess they were purely alchohol induced. I figured it was too good to be true that I wouldn't even get a migraine from drinking. At least that is something I can control myself though.

I will have new progress pics taken at my next OD appointment at the beginning of February, which I will post at that time. I am making progress very slowly on my ROM, I can get my index finger and middle finger in sideways up to my first knuckle. Dr. L mentioned that he has referred several of his surgical patients to my web-site, so if any of you are reading, know that you are in great hands with Dr. L and Dr. P!