Saturday, November 1, 2008

8 weeks post-op ...

Well, I am just shy of 8 weeks post-op ... day 53 to be exact. And I am long over due for some photos, so finally I took some new ones today. I believe I have just a bit of residual swelling left, but pretty minimal by this point, mostly around my nose area.

I still get some shooting pains in my ear now and then, but it is manageable. What I am most pleased about is that I used to get migraines every time I would have a few cocktails, and the few times I have had drinks over the fast few weeks have not resulted in a mind boggling migraine. I haven't really had them period ... so I am hoping this lasts.

So ... here are the latest pics ... I am definately pleased with the results so far ... we have some work to do yet on my bite but actually having a side profile, plus (hopefully) reducing the migraines ... has made this whole process all worth while.

I have an appointment with my OS on Wednesday, I am hoping to get cleared for soft chew, so cross your fingers for me!!


Jen said...

Wow, you look great! Becareful not to turn into an alcoholic now that you can drink without the migraines. Wonder if you can get out of a hang over too. Cheers to you!

Katherine said...

Your results are absolutely wonderful! Equally, so is your news about migraines.

Soft chew in 3 days...Fingers are crossed!

Katherine said...

The new pictures are great. I love that your profile picture is updated, too. Was that strange to post your new look?

Soft chew would be nice. I hope it all works out.

sophiee said...


you are looking beautiful!

i was wondering if you also has a genioplasty along with your jaw surgery or just the jaw surgery alone. Thanks!

laura said...

Fingers crossed for the soft chew! Real food sounds great right now.

Kiwikaren said...

Great photos ... know wonder you're thrilled with your results ... congratulations! :-)

Katherine said...

Did you get the go ahead?
Hope all went well with your OS :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments!

Katherine - It wasn't so strange to post my new look ... Although I colored my hair black a couple weeks ago (in the pics in this post I wanted to see what it looked like so I used a temporary one, but the color didn't really take), so now my hair is jet black! Now I really take a double take when I look at myself in the mirror! I have never colored my hair black before!

Sophiee, I did not have genioplasty. They were considering it, but decided that it was unnecessary in the weeks before my surgery.