Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plate Removal Successful ...

I am back home, everything went very well, in fact I believe I was awake for most of the procedure and remember most of it, but felt nothing. I had to stop on the way home for my antibiotics, but at this point no pain and no swelling as far as I can tell. Hopefully it will stay that way! I have to be on the Peridex another 2 weeks which is when I will see him next, and hopefully after that I can schedule a cleaning!

I forgot to mention yesterday on my post that when I run my fingers along my lower jaw line on both sides, I can feel the gaps from where they advanced my jaw! He took another x ray today after the plate removal and I am down to 7 plates now, 39 screws. The sutures should disolve much more quickly this time, within a week or so. I am hoping I will be feeling this well later when the IV sedation wears off ... so far a piece of cake!

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