Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to blending ...

I had my appointment today with Dr. P. He took a peek at my mouth, said everything looked good, the plate is still as visible as day but the tissue around it looks healthy and pink, no infection. I reminded him that I would be going to Paris in a week so he wrote me a prescription, and also for my joint medications which I will start taking again (the Feldene and Amitriptyline, not the doxycycline since it caused me so many problems). I mentioned to him that I had eaten a fried egg ... I didn't chew ... just slurped it into my mouth and he said no ... I have to stick to the liquid diet because if a piece of what I eat gets caught in the incision, it could cause infection :( So I had my few days of bliss ... but it looks like I have to go back to blending things again into minute particles.

I didn't have the courage to ask him once I get the plate removed (not sure exactly when that will be yet) if I will have to go back on the clear liquid diet again for a week. Ugh ... I am torn now. The longer I wait to get the plate out, the longer I have to be on this blended diet because I have the open incision. But, the longer the plate stays in, the more time my bones have to fuse together and heal. Luckily, at least I can still feel somewhat satisfied on the blended diet. I was just hoping I would have a few more options when I go to Paris. Now it looks like it will be Ensure/Boost/Juice for most of the trip, unless I can find some good soups here and there. I guess I should be happy everything is looking healthy and infection free in my mouth given my open incision. And I am ... that is why I will take Dr. P's advise and stick with it. It is crazy looking at that plate in my mouth though ... you can see the screws.

My stitches are slowly starting to disolve, on the inside they "melt" into your tissue and on the outside they start to fray. Dr. P snipped a stitch for me today that was hanging down and wrapping around my braces.

A shout out to Holly who will be having her second surgery tomorrow. Good luck Holly ... I know you will do great!


Kam said...

Hehe, watching my stitches hang down always kinda freaked me out!
That's excellent news that there is no infection, too bad your ack to the blended (have you had any of the recipes on the Jaw Droppin' Blends Blog yet?)

That is insane you can see the screws and stuff on the plate! I'm morbidly curious, are you able to take a picture of it?

Have a great time in Paris! Bonne nuit!

Stephanie said...

Kam, I posted some pictures of the plate and screws ... they didn't come out as clear as I would have liked, but I think you can get an idea ...

I have checked out the recipes on the Jaw Droppin' Blends website ... lots of great ideas there!!