Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted too much lately, I don't have much of an update but I thought I'd make a quick post. It doesn't seem like a whole lot has happened with my teeth since my last post, I still have the gap on the lowers but I do feel they may have moved back some. The springs on the top did open up the space they were supposed to ... visually you can't really see it too much but I definately feel the space when I floss. I had to go in about a week ago to get my power chain changed because it had broke on one side. They decided to put a stronger one on since I was in. I was supposed to call my OS's office mid June to schedule my surgery for September, but she told me at that time that Dr. P's agenda was not opened up for September yet. So I have been calling back every week, and still nothing confirmed. I am hoping for September 4th as my date ... I will call again tomorrow and see what they say. When I called last week she said it would probably be at least 2 more weeks so I won't get my hopes up. I just want to know at this point, since it is potentially less than 2 weeks away. Patience ... I know ... that is what I need to keep telling myself through this whole process.

The reason I am so set on September 4th is because I have a trade show to attend in Paris mid October. If I have surgery on the 4th, I would be at 6 weeks post op when I leave for the show. Of course, everything depends on how I heal if I will actually go or not. If I am swollen and not able to speak well, of course I will not even consider it. There would be nothing worse than having to smile all day and talk to clients and potential clients if I am not far enough down the road to healing. We'll play it by ear, my OD has already said that I should probably be ok by then, but I am ok with cancelling if I have to. I can't have the surgery any earlier in the week because my husband will be in Europe and gets back on September 2nd. I couldn't imagine going under the knife without knowing he was there at the hospital waiting for me when I get out.

I ordered my Zip-n-Squeeze products on June 26th. I had seen quite a few postings that they are not being responsive right now and orders are taking a while to get there, so I thought I'd give it plenty of time so I have them in time for my surgery. I ordered 2 hospital kits, 2 "cool jaw" wraps, and the recipe guidebook. I am going to slowly start picking the rest of my supplies up, as time in the summer goes so fast and I don't want to leave everything for the last minute.

I have been taking advantage of the good weather lately and going on a daily 10 mile bike ride. I hate to be in the gym when it is so nice out, so it is a good compromise. I figure the better shape I am in for the surgery, the more quickly I'll heal.

My next ortho appointment is on July 14th ... hopefully I will have my surgery locked in by then as well. I will let you know what happens ...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting a surgery date. It was driving me insane not getting mine for ages, so I can imagine how you're feeling!


Kiwikaren said...

Great to read a post from you and to read that most things are going okay.

Hopefully your surgery date will be confirmed soon and it will allow time for you to do some major healing before the trade show.

You sound like you're getting organised, which will help when your surgery date is here!

Keep enjoying the weather. It's winter here in Oz and I'm longing for spring/summer.