Saturday, January 26, 2008

8 week progress ... WOW!

Since I have my first appointent on Monday for a wire change, I thought I'd post my progress since I am at the 8 week mark. It is truley amazing how much my teeth have moved in 8 weeks! Below you can see my "before pictures vs. my current picture:

I am definately happy with the progress I have made ... although I am still waiting for the middle lowers to unravel ... but a lot of the original overlap is gone! I still have a ways to go ... but 2 months ... I never thought they would move that quickly. When I had braces when I was younger, I didn't pay attention to the speed of the movement like I am now, and I certainly didn't have the tools to document it. Below are my progression pictures ... from before up to this point ... you can see the progression over the last 2 months ...

So there you have it ... I am ready for my appointment on Monday ... bring it on! Let's get some heavier wires and keep these things-a-movin'!

Not much to report otherwise ... I haven't had any canker sores lately and things have been pretty comfortable in my mouth since they have fixed that pokey wire.

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