Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overjet ...

I managed to get a picture of my overjet ... all 6 mm of it ...

I also took a side profile pic to show my overjet from the side:

I will be anxious to see the difference post-op ... I think I may have even been posturing my lower jaw forward a bit in this pic which is something I tend to do.

I'll post more after my appointment on Monday!


Katherine said...

Hi, Stephanie. I got your link of the Orthognathic Surgery Forum and have enjoyed catching up on your story thus far. If all goes according to plan, We could be going under the 'saw' at the same time!

Best of luck to you and look forward to following your progress.
Hope the new wire/ rear bracket appointment today went well :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Jade and I'm form Italy. I have a 6mm overjet and I have a question: did you use only braces to correct your problem or also something alse like this or an instrument in particular?

Sorry for my terrible English and please answer me, italian orthodontist are bad.