Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missing Ligs

I have 4 brackets on my lowers that are not self ligating. I called my OD's office today because I didn't see the ligatures on them, so I wanted to make sure that was supposed to be the case, or if the tech forgot to put them on. The tech called me back and said she was sure she put them on. I got in for a last minute appointment at the end of the day. Sure enough, she forgot to put them on. This time, instead of the little rubber band ligatures, I got the metal ties. I think they are better anyway ... they have less risk of falling off, they are very thin and discreet, and they don't stain like the bands. I am glad I called ... I don't want to slow anything down ... I set on getting this done in September!

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Aimee said...

Hi Stephanie! I just came across your blog from another Stephanie. Congrats on starting the process to jaw surgery! Good luck!