Monday, January 28, 2008

Heavy Wires and Early Fall Surgery Estimate!

Ok, so I went into my wire change appointment today, standard operating procedure. She accidently cracked one of my brackets when opening the door to get the wire out, so Dr. L had to take that one off and reposition it back on. Then he repositioned the one on the back tooth. I got my heavier wires. The best part was at the end, he told me I would need to make an appointment to get my Sure Smile wires on, which I scheduled for April 29th. I have my Sure Smile Scan on March 10th. I asked when he would be able to estimate when I would be ready for surgery. He said that things were moving very nicely, and he expects I will be ready by early fall, however he will be able to give me a definate time-frame once the Sure Smile wires are on! So it sounds like maybe September, but for sure October, I will be surgery ready!! And I should be able to schedule in May! I am just so happy that it looks like we've shaved a few months off my original timeline. That is so much better than tacking a few months on.

Not too much else to report ... my teeth aren't too sore yet from the wire change. My cheecks are catching on the new wires, but they will get used to it soon enough.


Michelle said...

Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the "Adult Ortho World." It looks as though things are moving right along for you. Congrats! I'll keep reading your progress.


stephanie said...

Congrats! I wish I'd be ready for surgery that early... but I think it'll be a while.