Monday, September 22, 2008

13 days post op ...

Last night, I coughed in the middle of the night and popped the band on my front teeth, so I called today and they had me come in, although I was going to see another doctor, not Dr. P. First I had my Ortho appointment. He checked everything out, and said things looked very good, although Dr. P had mentioned to him that he had a very hard time stretching my pallet (the tight skin issue). He said that I would be very happy with my progress by the 4 week mark, and that my profile was settling in very nicely. They took a few pictures (no lip retractors, but they had to stretch my mouth with the assistant's fingers so she could get pics of both side of my bite) and I was on my way.

I saw Dr. L at the Oral Surgeon's office, and found out some new information that made me understand Dr. P's conservative approach to eating much better. When he started checking out my mouth, he said to me that I need to do a better job of brushing. My mom and I glared at him and we both blurted out that I had strict orders from Dr. P NOT to brush, that I wasn't to disturb my sutures in any way. He wasn't sure why Dr. P wouldn't let me brush yet, and started looking around my mouth, and said "ah ... I see now. It looks like you have an exposed plate". What??? I guess that kind of freaked me out. He said that happens occasionally, that the skin will not stretch completely over the plate. The skin very well may grow over it while it is healing, if not, I can have it removed down the road. He said there was one gentleman that had been one gentleman who recently came in that had an exposed plate for 2 years now, he was just getting sick of food getting stuck there so had it removed, but otherwise caused him no problem. I will definately be asking Dr. P about this at Thursday's appointment. But it explains why he doesn't want me to have anything with particulates. I also asked Dr. L about eating dairy ... he said the reason I shouldn't have dairy is because it leaves a thick film on the teeth, and since I am not allowed to clean them yet, not a good idea. So I am really crossing my fingers that on Thursday Dr. P gives me the ok to brush (I know I won't be able to brush my back teeth because of the exposed plate, but at least the front) and move on to a pureed diet.

In other news ... the last two nights I have woken up every hour to hour and a half, and have had a hard time getting back to sleep. I asked Dr. L about this today, and he said that this is common when you are coming off the pain meds as they can be a bit addictive, even though I didn't take them for that long. So, hopefully that will be short lived ... as it is quite annoying not getting a good night sleep.

I am going back to work tomorrow on a part-time basis, just for the week, and next week I will be back to full time, although I will be working from home. It will be good to get my mind back on work so I can start focussing on things other than my mouth again, hopefully it will make time start to go faster as I think I have been feeling the "blues" these last few days.


Kam said...

I think you're looking just amazing for day 13! I hope your return to work is smooth and easy on you.

Katherine said...

Your update is full of interesting bits. I know exactly what you mean about wanting a break from thinking about our mouths, jaws and such. Hopefully, work will provide a good outlet. Your return-to-work pace sounds just right. :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences waking up through the night. I didn't know pain meds could do that, but it does make sense.

I had a couple of questions about your recovery. Do you think your nutritional aids are helping? How do you remember to take the right mix of vitamins, proteins, and homeopathics?

I hope your blues fade away. That can be really hard, espcially when your favorite foods are off limits, too. :( I am already wondering how I'll manage without my daily fix of coffee, which is as much about the experience as it is about the energy bolt

Stephanie said...

Thanks Kam! I worked this morning, and went to the botanical gardins this afternoon with my mother-in-law (she's in town from Mexico), and it was definately a good day. I need to get out of the house once a day so I don't feel so cooped up!

Katherine ... to answer your questions ...
Regarding the nutritional aids, I haven't been taking them lately. I only took them for a few days, and being that I am still on pure liquids, no particulates, they made everything less appetizing and even harder to choke down, except the Coromega with Sprite, I'm still taking that. Since my vitamins have a lot of Magnesium, they gave me diarrea (which I have anyway), so I was constantly going to the bathroom and thought that probably wasn't the best thing for me right now because it could lead to dehydration. But I fully expect to start everything back up again once I am on a pureed diet (cross your fingers that Thursday I get the OK!).

I think I am over the blues, I had them for a few days but I just need to get out of the house and do something. Regarding the coffee ... that is one thing my OS told me I COULD have, believe it or not! He considers it a clear liquid with no particulates. I just am not a coffy drinker.

I hope that answers your questions!

Kiwikaren said...

Great that you're able to get back to work and that you're progressing so well.

It's good that you were able to get a better understanding of what was done during your surgery. Sounds like your appointment was a good one.

Take good care and here's to work going well.