Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 7 and 8 post-op

I had my first post-op appointment with my OS yesterday. Everything looked good, and I've graduated from clear liquids to any liquids without particulates. So basically, I can eat any liquids as long as I strain them first to make them particulate free. That at least gives me a little more variety for the next week. I can't clean my teeth yet, only with peroxide/water/mouthwash and saltwater rinses which I do all day long. No matter how much I rinse, it still gets yucky up there. I can't wait until I can use a toothbrush!

Today I went for another session of Manual Lymphatic Drainage today. Since I just did it last Friday, she mixed in some Reiki this time and I really think it made a difference. Below are pictures I took this morning before the MLD/Reiki:

And here are the photos from after the MLD/Reiki session:

I have been slowly trying to reduce the use of meds, right now I just have my pain patch and anti-nausea patch which will last until Friday, and I haven't taken my Oxycodone since 7 am yesterday morning. I have taken liquid ibuprophen twice when I start feeling a bit of pain. I am hoping once the pain patch is gone I can just be on the ibuprophen.
I still feel like I have a considerable amount of swelling but I am making progress every day. I started taking some supplements, today I mixed in some soy protein and I crushed up some bromelaine tablets to put in my juice. I also had bought some Coromega (fish oil gel) ... I mixed it with a little bit of 7-up and put it in the Magic Bullet ... it was so good! It tasted like a "Dreamcicle"! I highly recommend that for those of you who want to get some Omega 3 in your diet if you can only take in liquids (I don't think opening a fishoil capsule would taste very good!). Tomorrow I will try crushing my Usana vitamins and mix in some L-Glutamine.


laura said...

I hope you're talking about large particulates, otherwise it sounds much the same as clear liquids o.O

Did the doc say why no particulates? Is it to stop stuff from getting into the stitches? I was hoping that as long as you don't actually have to chew it or move your mouth around too much (eg yogurt), it'd be ok. There is no way I'm going to last 2 weeks on particulate-free liquids.

Stephanie said...

Laura, first of all, my OS is very conservative when it comes to the whole eating thing, your OS may not be nearly as strict regarding the particulates. But basically, particulates of any size are off limits, but I can eat "anything" as long as it will go through a small strainer. So I've been mixing broth, for example, with a few teaspoons of cream of potato or cream of chicken soup, and then I will blend it in the Magic Bullet and strain it. I can also have non-clear liquids such as tomato juice now, but I have to strain the tomato juice several times because it is very thick. To be honest, I was freaked out before this all started because I thought I was going to be absolutely starving, but up to this point I haven't even been hungry. I have been taking in a ton of fluids, sometimes over 150 oz per day, so I am sure that helps to give me a "full" feeling. Like Michelle mentioned, you just get used to it, and your body adjusts.

stephanie said...

You look so great!!!! Congrats!

Thanks for all of your awesome-ly awesome information and tips. You rock!!

usana said...

I have gone some kind of this situation.I really hate the time of Post-OP. Wish you get well totally soon.