Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 4 pics

Here are today's pics, taken at around , the swelling is gradually going down, I can't say for sure if it was due to the MLD theray or not, but it certainly couldn't have hurt. You can also see the bruises settling in, above the bridge of my nose and around my jaw-line. I have taken Afrin once on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday since my nose has been so clogged, todays dose hopefully did the trick because I took it around 2 pm and I still haven't gotten the congestion back.

Regarding the whole dog attack issue, My mom took Shelbyto the vet right away. She had many stitches and a tube put into her back to drain the blood so it wouldn't abcess. here's a photo of the injuries she sustained. They had to shave her fur see how much damage was done, and to stitch her up.:

They didn't even appologize for the incident. I would have expected them to come over to our house afterwards to see how thing are going, but they never even do that. I did speak with the police, and they said that unfortunately there wasn't much they could do about it, since no body has reported any prior offenses with their dog. I asked the policeman if we had to wait until the dog attacks a human before anything will be done about it? He said that unfortunately dogs have more rights than humans in these kind of situations. This dog has chased several neighbors down the road before, and most people around here won't walk by their house because they are afraid of the dog (s).They are always outside and the and just don't seem to care. Even though they have an electric invisible fence, the dogs still somehow get out. On several ocations, the Rotweiler has gone after another neighbors dog, He was just able to pick him up in time before anything happened. The police officer said that he would go talk to them, so I wanted to hear whet they had to say before pressing charges. I didn't hear back from him today, so we called, and it appears we can't find out any iinformation before then. If the plice don't/can't do anything about it, most of our neighbors have agreed to sign a petition to get that dog out of here. People should not be petrified to go for a walk in fear that a dog may attack them. I noticed I was clenching last night, which worries me, because I don't want my jaw to pull apart everything that is fixed in place. clinching for me is many times induced by stress, So, now my mom is taken care of 2 patients.
Thanks again to everyone for your kind comments. I will respond to them when I am able to see/read better.
Oh - I almost forgot ... I stepped on the scale this morning, and I was 4 pounds lighter than yesterday, so I am still up 4 lbs from surgery, but anticipate hat will change over the next few days/weeks.
My clear liquid diet has consisted of ice water, apple juice, beef and chicken broth ad sprite. Luckily, I haven't been hungry up to this point, so I've been getting along frine on the clear liquid diet. I am constantly drinking so I know I am getting more than enough liquids, but calories are probably still on the low side. It's really hard to drink 1000 calories/day of only clear liquids.
I'll post again tomorrow with more pics, I hope i have better vision then so I can actually read when I am posting, as well as check out the updates you all have been posting.
Pain wise i am doing well, as long as I keep on top of the meds. My first appointment with my OS is next Thursday.


Kam said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures! You're looking better and better!
Sorry, again, about Shelby. I hope she gets well soon.

Kiwikaren said...

Great to see your pics post surgery. Here's to your healing continuing to go well!

I hope Shelby recovers well! Please give her big hugs from this Kiwi living in Oz. My beautiful Milo died as a result of being biten and shaked by a large dog when we were out walking on 5 May 2008. Milo was 10 years old and a beautiful natured maltese x silky terrier, who loved all humans and dogs. We were/are still grieving for her, but we have found a maltalier (maltese x cavalier king charles spaniel), who is nearly six weeks old. We get him in two weeks and can't wait!

I'm sending positive thoughts to you both!

Katherine said...

Your bruising matches your shirt perfectly :) Great the decongestant is giving you some relief. Have you tried a humidifier or warm showers at all?

So sorry to hear of Shelby (and the crimp this puts on getting outside for a stroll) and really hope your neighborhood sees a resolution to this problem asap. No one, person or pet, should have to be hurt or at the mercy of so poorly trained/restrained an animal.

You're doing great, Stephanie and will be thinking of you (and your stress level), sending healing thoughts your way :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone!
Katherine, I do have a humidifier in my room, and have been taking daily hot showers. I also have been putting a hot washcloth with vics on it and covering my mouth and nose. Everything has helped to make things a bit more comfortable.

Katherine said...

Wow, good to know. It really does take an attack from all angles, doesn't it! :)