Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 1 and 2 post-op pics

The first photos are in the hospital yesterday, day 1 post-op:

And here are today's pics (day 2 post-op) ... as you can see, I have LOTS of swelling. I have been keeping ice on my face at all times. I'm not sure if it is helping at all, but it feels good to have it on. After today I will switch to moist heat.
In the next one, I am trying to smile ...

And lastly, my side profile;

Do any of you remember the movie "Pure Luck" with Martin Short? That's who I feel like I look like right now, after he got stung by the bee and had an alergic reaction! I am going to make an appointment for MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) for Saturday to see if that helps reduce some of the swelling. In a little while my mom and I will go for a walk ... it will be good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air a bit.

I am sorry if I have a lot of typos in my post-op posts ... looking around I can see fine, but I am seeing double when I look at my computer so I can't really tell if I make any errors when I am writing. I am guessing it is the oxycodone that is making my reading vision blurred.


Katherine said...

Heehee, I can definitely visualize the "Pure Luck" incident! And most certainly some impressive swelling you've got going on :)

It might not feel like the ice is doing anything, but imagine if you WEREN'T icing? Glad it's giving you some relief, comfort wise, and awesome that you'll be catching some fresh air. ( I know you will share anyways, but do let us know how MLD goes. I'm increasingly interested in people's success with this).

All swelling aside, you're looking AMAZING with your eyes still smiling. :)

Michelle said...

Welcome home, Stephanie! Despite the swelling, you're looking good - I didn't notice any bruising, for instance.

Most important, I hope you're getting plenty of rest and adjusting well to the blended diet.

Welcome to post-op side of this orthognathic journey!


Daniel said...

Lookin good Steph! Looks like a rough recovery period, but your results already look amazing. Definitely enjoy the fresh air while it's still nice out :o)