Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 12 post-op

Sorry ... I've been a bit lax lately about posting. I have pics from most days but I will post just the ones from today. I am completely off all my meds now, except ibuprophen. My vision is slowly returning to normal, it is not perfect yet but gets better every hour. Here are today's pics:
I am starting to get some tingling in my left nostril and roof of my mouth as the feeling is begining to come back.

I occasionally get sharp pains in my ears. Tomorrow is my first appointment with my orthodontist. I am looking forward to Thursday's appointment with my OS because I am hoping to graduate to any blended food. I just don't have an appetite so it is hard to get things down, but I am trying to force myself so I atleast get some calories in.

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holski said...

Wow, you are healing so fast and looking fantastic! =) I'm going to get some of that arnica gel this time around, because of you!