Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 19 post-op

Wow ... what a weekend. On Friday, our house was like a revolving door. The cleaning people were here, and then the window washer came. The phone rang a couple times to ask for directions for a couple of deliveries??? I received a beautiful ficus tree from my godmother for my recovery, and some beautiful sunflowers from my boss and his wife. The morning was starting off to be a good one. Then, around noon, I was on working on my computer, and all of a sudden my mom showed up at my house with my best friend and her husband! They flew in from Denver ... apparantly they had been planning this with my husband for several months. It was a VERY nice surprise!!
Last night, we were out on the patio hanging out and chatting, and there were a few times I was just cracking up laughing. I had to hold my upper lip so I didn't smile too much as I was worried I'd pop a stitch. I ended up getting sharp pains in my ear, I think all of the tension in my jaw from laughing got to me. I swelled up considerably. Everything in moderation I guess.
I can only open my mouth up about one finger, I was able to get my vitamins and a bromelain pill in. When I open and do my jaw exercises, it feels almost like something is preventing the left joint from opening further, it's so wierd.
As for my bands, I spoke too soon after my last post. The second time I had to put my bands on, it was an absolute nightmare. I took about 30 minutes to get my lower left one in, and thought I would never get it. I was so swollen after that, it was ridiculous. The next couple times were a little better, but now I think I have the hang of it. Definately not fun at first.

Here are some pics from today, day 19. I can't believe it has almost been 3 weeks ...


cookieyum said...

I think your looking great. The swelling has gone down so much.
Sounds like a fun but tiring weekend.

holski said...

you are looking FAB!!!! =)

stephanie said...

Your swelling looks so great!!

Anonymous said...

you looked great at this stage - considering it was only 3weeks post op.
I do have a question for just about this stage that I would like to get your opinion on - how can I reach you?

Thanks, G.C.

Lauren said...

I just found this blog and loved your list of supplies pre-surgery! i'm having my third jaw surgery in July and am so anxious for this one to go better than the last...Thanks for blogging about your journey!