Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 5 post-op

Here are my day 5 pictures, the swelling is gradually going down and the bruising is almost gone (I have been using arnica gel on my face, so I really think that has helped):
I got very congested again today, everything felt really tight in my face. I wanted to hold off on taking the Afrin because it can cause a rebound effect if you take it more than 4 days in a row., so I took liquid sudafed and that seemed to really do the trick. The sudacare tablets also seem to help in the shower, and the rice socks to apply heat to my face. I have a humidifier in my room to keep things moist. I also went 9 hours today without my oxycodone, I am thinking maybe tomorrow I will try to only take the oxycodone at night, and liquid tylenol during the day, so I can start weening myself off the heavy pain meds. I do still have the fentanyl patch for pain. I took a walk today, I had to cut through some neighbors lawns to get out to the main road, since I didn't want to walk past the neighbors house with the dogs.
So, overall, recovery is still going pretty well, all things considered. The one thing that amazes me is how my lip incompetence has been eliminated when my lips are at rest. My lips are pretty swollen right now, but it is such a cool feeling not to have them open 7 mm.


Sue said...

Hello, this is suetemi from Metal Mouth. Just wanted to say I think you are looking great so far! The swelling really did go down. You are making me excited for my own upcoming bimax ^__^

Katherine said...

Amazing what a difference a day make- You look Awesome!

Lip incompetence is Obviously a thing of the past, hurray~ Have you peeked a glimpse of how your teeth are lining up?

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Sue, for stopping by my blog! Yesterday was probably my best day in terms of swelling, but today it swelled up a little more again. We'll see what happens as the day goes on.

Katherine, I very cautiosly tried to peak at my bite, if I separate my lips just slightly I can get a glimpse of what it looks like, and from what I see it looks good. I don't want to lift my upper lip too much because I don't want to disturb the sutures, plus from what I could see, things look pretty ripped up from the surgical hooks and my braces.

laura said...

You're doing so well! You're really giving me hope that recovery won't be as awful as I'd feared. But don't let that make you feel you have to hold anything back ;p

How is sleeping? Does the congestion make that difficult? Do you sleep mostly at night or on and off during the day and night?

Did the doc give you the Afrin and Sudacare, or did you plan ahead and get them yourself?

Stephanie said...

Laura, I've been sleeping fine, although my mom sets the alarm for every 6 hours to give me my meds. I take a few short naps during the day, and wake up pretty early, but overall I feel my sleep has been good. I have tried to take care of the congestion before I go to bed so I can breath out of my nose, otherwise my mouth gets dry so quickly if I am breathing out of it. I planned ahead and got the Sudacare and Afrin, my OS mentioned the Afrin in his post-op care instructions, but the Sudacare shower soothers I heard about on the Yahoo Orthognathic surgery boards, I think. You have to be very careful with the Afrin, not to take too much, so I have already stopped taking it.

Rachel said...

I've just started reading your blog, as I am currently day five in my recovery, it is so great to read what someone else has been through and get some comparisons!